Become the Manager of an Airline and Practice English

Hi there!

I recently came across a great game the other day that lets you pretend to run an airline company. You assume the role of an Airline Director and create your own company. You have to then deal with all the same things that an airline director has to deal with, such as opening accounts, loan applications, marketing, management of prices, airplane management etc.

The game is called Airlines Manager and it gives you the chance to get a real feeling of how an airline is run and to learn about and practice the following business concepts:

  • Business strategy and competitive advantage
  • Law and market supply and demand
  • Competition
  • Innovations

To help you run your airline, you have a graduate fresh out of business school (a female avatar) who will act as your secretary and advise you on various matters throughout the game. Her advice will prove invaluable, so try to make time to listen to what she has to say! There are also various video tutorials throughout the game and a very comprehensive help guide for beginners.

Many people play this game and the company you create and manage will be ranked alongside others created by various people from all around the world. The better you perform as a director, the better the ranking of your airline will be!

It is very easy to get started.

*Register your company name.


Register your company name

Register your company name

*Add the name of the director and secretary of your airline.

Add your secretary and director of your new company.

Add the secretary and director of your new company.

*Choose an airport to manage.

Which airport are you going to manage?

Which airport are you going to manage?

*Access your account.

Access you account.

Access you account.

*Start running your airline.

Start running your airline!

Start running your airline!

Take a look at this report written by a current player (there may be some grammatical errors).

My company was established in August 2012. After the overall reset of February, I kept the same hub, same name and same goals.

My company is based in Paris Orly. I specialize in air transportation of passengers to the Mediterranean, Black Sea and the Persian Gulf. Our destinations are France, Southern Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and the cause. We operate flights mainly short and medium-haul and long-haul “short”.

Following regular contacts with the alliance iFly, I ended up taking the decision to include it in the wake of general reset, although it is not at all in my goals when I joined the game . Several times I questioned myself, because I realized that the alliance did not have the same goals as me. Following tensions, and from some members, we found a new way of working that gives me satisfaction.

My company is composed of a large fleet of Airbus and some bombers. I chose a very narrow range of aircraft in order to save maintenance and be more identifiable in the eyes of my customers. We selected as a supplier, Bombardier, only for aircraft with fewer than 100 seats, Airbus range nonexistent. Then I have a more disparate fleet through an alliance composed of iFly Boeing, Embraer and Airbus.

I chose to offer my clients a high-end tri-classes for long-haul and two classes for short and medium-haul with all the options proposed by the game I use active services “Research & Development” and my planes are under maintenance contract, with weekly reviews. The development of the company is based on routes between Paris and the airports of all sizes from the geographical area defined above. The second objective is to increase daily frequencies on major airports in my area. Third objective, complete the network inter-hub of the alliance, to provide maximum connection to our customers.

I work with two financial operators that I finance my entire fleet acquired own. The units acquired through the alliance are self-financing. I attach great importance to the discipline in financial management, and I prefer to wait rather than get into risky investments. I like to have as much human contact for obtaining loans, rather than computer software

It’s been a year since I played this game and I really can not get enough!


Airlines Manager is in French, but if you use Google Chrome you can view each page in English. This game is very realistic and is a good way to practice your business English!

Do you fancy yourself as an airline manager or manageress? If so, CLICK HERE to get started!!