Motivate Your English Learning With Current Events!

Reading English newspapers can be a rewarding and motivating experience and makes a nice change from course books as a way to learn and practise English. The advantages of reading newspapers can be numerous and diverse.

English Newspapers

Newspapers are far more up-to-date than course books. It can take months and often years for a course book to reach publication, whereas a newspaper reports on current events, international events, new technological events and the ever-changing world/society on a regular basis. The content in newspapers is always new and attractive and is a great source of motivation!

Newspapers provide a marvellous opportunity to read different kinds of genres. It is not uncommon to find excellent examples of advertisements, stories, narratives and reports in most newspapers which are, or course, written in authentic English. Newspapers offer you the chance to experience modern English in use, with articles full of collocations and idioms all put together in well-constructed texts.

Newspapers are a wealth of information. By reading English newspapers you become immersed in the culture of the newspaper’s country of origin, as well as the cultures of other countries being featured in the newspaper. This allows you to better understand the people of, say, Great Britain and can help you obtain information on such things as behaviour and life trends. It also allows you to broaden your knowledge on a wide range of subjects including the economy, health, education, technology, politics and entertainment (to name but a few). This up-to-date reading on numerous topics can be a very rewarding experience!

Finally, reading newspapers is a social behaviour and allows you to experience human communication in society as it happens. As your familiarity with the English language broadens and your ability to understand articles improves, so your social responsibility and critical thinking should improve too. With improvements like that there should be every reason for you to pick up an English newspaper today and start reading it!

Click here to read some English newspapers.


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