Asking for Travel Information (i)

Asking for Travel Information

Can you match the situations to the expressions?

  1. Ask how often the buses are to the city centre.
  2. You want to know the latest time you can return. What do you ask?
  3. Ask the driver for a ticket to the city centre and if it is cheaper to buy a return ticket.
  4. You want to go to the hospital and see a bus at the bus stop. What do you ask the bus driver?
  5. You’d like the driver to tell you when it’s your stop. What do you ask?
  6. As you’re driving, you see some friends walking home. How do you offer to take them?
  7. If someone gives you a lift, how do you tell them when you want to get out?
  8. You’ve arranged to drive a friend to the football match and will be at his house at 7 o’clock. What do you say?
  9. You are driving to Norwich and you think you may have gone the wrong way. What do you ask someone?
  10. You have a map are not sure where you are. What do you ask someone?

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