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English Skill: Describing Visuals During a Presentation 

 Do you ever have to give presentations in English as part of your job or in front of friends and family? As part of my teaching career I have given many presentations in English and I know how nerve-racking it can sometimes be Рand English is my native tongue!

Visual aids that you often encounter in (Powerpoint) presentations, such as pie charts, graphs, bar graphs, bullet points, boxes, etc. can often be challenging for non-native English speakers to refer to and you may be tempted to just talk about them without properly referencing them or using the correct language, or worse still – just ignore them! In order for your audience to easily follow your presentation and to allow you yourself to come across more professionally, here are some common English phrases that can be used to help describe various visual aids during a presentation.

Describing visual aids

Describing visual aids

  • Do you give presentations in English? What to you find most challenging?