How computer games can help you to learn and practice English

Computer adventure games can be a fun and interesting way to learn and practice English.

Adventure Games

An adventure game is like a movie/film but one in which you control the lead character and, to an extent, the other characters as well. Your role is usually that of a detective of some description and you can move your character around the screen, look at things, collect and pick up things and best of all interact with the other characters in the game by speaking with them.

When you talk to someone in the game, a list of possible things that you can say appears at the bottom of the screen for you to select. Whatever you select will determine the reply you receive and to a lesser extent, the outcome of the ‘scene’. Both what you say and what characters say back to you can usually be shown as subtitles on the screen which is a great aid for lower level English learners.

Take a look at this clip from a great adventure game called “Grim Fandango”

Adventure games are great fun and you can soon find yourself completely engrossed in the adventure while at the same time learning and improving your English.

Benefits of playing computer adventure games:

  • Fill your head with English
  • Improve your understanding of spoken English
  • Improve your pronunciation
  • Motivate yourself (adventure games can be very engrossing and great fun!)

Tips when using computer adventures games to learn English:

  • Try to make sure you have a dictionary at hand. Pause and look up any words or expressions you don’t understand.
  • Write down all the new words and expressions you learn
  • Try to repeat English sentences to improve your pronunciation
  • Try to play the game without subtitles to improve your understanding of spoken English



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