Presentations 2

English Skill: Ending a Presentation

Keeping with the theme of presentations, imagine you have just given an amazing presentation, your use of English (so far) has been great, but now it’s time to bring the presentation to a close. This part of a presentation can often be difficult as you don’t want your audience to feel cut short or unsure as to if you have actually concluded your presentation or not. Your audience will often remember the last things you say in your presentation, so making sure that you don’t just kind of fizzle out at the end is important.

Take a look at the image below. You will find some common phrases to end a presentation in a convincing and professional manner. 

Common phrases to bring your presentation to an end.

Common phrases to bring your presentation to an end.

Have you got a presentation in English coming up soon? What do you find most difficult during a presentation?



2 thoughts on “Presentations 2

  1. Hi. I have to give presentations in English. I am always nervous I think they don’t understand me. I don’t like it when they ask me questions.

  2. You could role play a presentation situation with a friend in order to practise, Karim. Pretend that your friend is your audience, give your presentation and be ready to answer any questions the audience has.

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