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English Skill: Keeping a Conversation Flowing

Have you ever been in the difficult situation of having (or trying to have) a conversation with someone who, for whatever reason, just does not want to contribute to the conversation? Perhaps he/she is a little bit shy or maybe they are not confident enough in their use of English, but either way it doesn’t make things any easier and those quiet times when the conversation dries up can be awkward! Well, next time you find yourself in a similar situation, why not try to help things out by incorporating a few useful English phrases? The phrases below are common English phrases that native English speakers often use to help keep a conversation flowing. The phrases don’t need to be used just in awkward situations and are equally suitable to help along a nice discussion with someone such as a friend.

Common phrases to help keep a conversation flowing.

Common phrases to help keep a conversation flowing.

  • Have you ever been involved in a conversation that included some uneasy silences? What did you do?
  • What other phrases might you use to keep a conversation flowing with someone? Let me know your thoughts by posting a comment!



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The TOEIC test is one of the most important international English language testing systems in the world with millions of people taking it each year.  If you are serious about English tests and progressing within your company (or other companies), then the TOEIC should be high on your list of things to do!

Having a good grasp of the English language is essential in today's workplace.

Having a good grasp of the English language is essential in today’s workplace.

A good TOEIC score is often one of the first things an employer will look for before considering someone for a position in their company and attaining a good TOEIC score in the company you are already in can often lead to a higher annual salary and promotion. I have prepared numerous professionals for the TOEIC in different countries around the world and I was pleased to recently hear that one major Spanish company rewards employees who have a TOEIC score of 750 or higher.  This reward is quite substantial and you should know that many other (European) companies do the same. Contact your HR department!

Preparation for the TOEIC English proficiency test  often involves listening to English conversation, taking TOEIC practice tests, TOEIC reading and, of course, learning common TOEIC vocabulary. Learning vocabulary commonly used in the TOEIC can be one of the most beneficial ways to help you achieve a good score in the TOEIC.

The TOEIC test is taken by millions of people every year to further their career and get a recognised English language qualification.

The TOEIC test is taken by millions of people every year to further their career and get a recognised English language qualification.


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Meeting People at Conferences

Learn and practice English.

A company called Froogle, is organising a conference in London. During the break, all the people attending the conference have the chance to meet up to get to know each other. Take a look at the conversation below the photograph and see if you can find the six deliberate mistakes. Post your answers in the comments below.

A group of business people at business conference.

A group of business people at business conference.

  • Paco: Hello Alison! I’m so pleased to see you again.
  • Alison: Hi Paco. I didn’t know you were attending this conference. How are you?
  • Paco: Thanks, fine. And you?
  • Alison: I’m OK. Is Jose, here too?
  • Paco: No, he can’t make it this time.
  • Alison: Never mind. Ah look, here’s Ali. Hi there. Do you both know each other? Paco – this is Ali Akram. He’s from Casablanca.
  • Paco: Hello. Pleased to meet you.
  • Ali: I’m please to meet you too. Have you been to here long?
  • Paco: No. I’ve only been here for about an hour. What about you?
  • Ali: I came early today morning…. and this is Fatima. She works with me in Casablanca. I’m sorry what you did say your name was?
  • Paco: I’m Paco, from Madrid. Pleased to meet you. Paul, is speaking next. Have you had a chance to meet him yet?
  • Fatima: No, not yet. I have heard a lot about him.
  • Paco: Well, can I introduce you to him? I can see him just over there.
  • Paco: Er….Paul. Can I introduce you to Fatima?
  • Paul: Hello Fatima. How are you? I think I saw you give a presentation a couple of years ago. Please to actually meet you. Do you like something to drink?
  • Fatima: Thank You. A tomato juice please.