Lesson: Your Job & Your Pay

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This month’s blog is just simply an English lesson relating to work and money.

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Saying goodbye at conferences

Most of us will have to attend a business conference at some time in our lives and for some it is a regular occurrence.

Conferences are a great opportunity to meet business associates and make new contacts. Knowing how to greet people and say goodbye in a correct and appropriate way is important but often difficult to do for many non-native English speakers.

Work Conferences

Work Conferences

Have a look at the dialogue between some business associates below. They have just attended a conference and now it is time to leave.

Can you spot the six errors in the dialogue? I have started you off by underlining the first error.


  • I’m afraid it gets late. I really must to go.
  • – OK. It was a great conference wasn’t it?
  • – Fantastic. Especially John’s speech.
  • – Yes. Don’t forget to email me the transcript.
  • – I won’t. Take care Sarah. It was good to see you. Bye.
  • – Yes it was good to see you too. Say hello to Simon for me. Tell him I will call him.
  • – Of course. He will be pleased to hear from you. See you then and goodbye, Lisa.
  • – Goodbye, Pete. Have a good travel. It was great to meet you.
  • – Bye all!
  • – So Sarah, when you leave?
  • – Well not for a while as yet…my flight is at eight o’ clock.
  • – Well please to visit us here again one day. John! Hi.
  • – I would like to say…Thanks everything. It was a fantastic speech.
  • – Thank you. You are too kind. Will you be in New York next month?
  • – Yes. I am really looking forward to it.
  • – Great.I’ll send you the schedule next week. See you then. All the best!
  • – Thank you. See you soon. Take care. Bye.

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